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This site is intended to provide information found on Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for our products. As such, the information addresses potential exposures of health care workers and other employees who may be exposed to our products in the work place. The SDSs are not intended to present information relevant to the use of the products by patients. If you are taking any of our products as medications, you should review the package inserts for the product for useful information on formulation, mode of action, use precautions and side effects.

For additional information on the safe and efficacious use of our ethical products including Product Inserts please visit the Medicines section of the Bristol Myers Squibb Web site at http://www.bms.com/products/Pages/home.aspx or call the Medical Communications Strategy & Solutions Group at 1-800-321-1335.

Neither the information presented in the SDS nor the package insert should be used as a substitute for the advice of a health care professional or as a recommendation for any treatment plan. If you have any questions concerning our products, or your treatment, you should discuss the issues with your health care professionals.

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